How did we miss this?

Dallas Handles the Opening Salvos of President Kennedy's Assassination


Here is the first major revelation from the historic release of previously withheld government records on the JFK Assassination: the mayor of Dallas when President John F. Kennedy was killed in that city was a CIA asset.

We were alerted to this salient fact by retired military intelligence officer and author John Newman, who is conducting a thorough analysis of the long-secret documents.

At the time of the assassination, Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, brother of one-time Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Charles P. Cabell, had been a CIA asset since 1956.


2 thoughts on “How did we miss this?

  1. We have always known that this was a CIA operation.

    We also know that Oswald was the fall guy and was silenced by the Mob’s Jack Ruby.

    What we don’t know definitively is which group carried out the assassination.

    A good deal of evidence points to a Corsican hit team, hired by Trafficante, Marcello and Giancana with the blessing of the CIA.

  2. Yeah, no question it was a CIA-inspired hit job. Questions abound as to who inspired and paid for it. The conspiracy theorists have had a basis for this type of thing forever, but the public was never allowed the truth for obvious reasons. The Warren Commission was a sham for public viewing and that supposedly closed the case!

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