Bannon interviewed by Mueller for over 20 hours

House Republicans seethe at tight-lipped Bannon

Well, this is interesting. “Sloppy” Steve Bannon reportedly met with Special Counsel Bob Mueller for over 20 hours just this week alone, according to an NBC News report. Bannon was one of Donald Trump’s chief strategists during the election and also worked in the White House as an “adviser” prior to being ousted late last year, so he knows where all the skeletons are.

One thought on “Bannon interviewed by Mueller for over 20 hours

  1. The Right which includes conservatives, Republicans, Evangelical Christians and the likes of Steve Bannon live in a constant state of manufactured fear.
    “Make America Great Again”

    Economist John Kenneth Galbraith, AKA Hershel McLandress, often debated the legitimacy of national sovereignty with those in and out of government.

    He concluded, as did Stones’ “X”, that the “organization of society for the possibility of a war is its principle political stabilizer”, without a believable war threat “no government could remain in power,” and consequently “the elimination of war (violence)…..implies the eventual elimination of national sovereignty.”

    That is the premise under which both Bannon and Trump operate. Fear. Fear of war. Fear of the “other.” Fear itself.

    Lennon’s contribution to the discussion about national sovereignty was “Imagine.”

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