Nunes vs. Colbert

Devin Nunes seems a tad paranoid about Stephen Colbert’s recent trip to Capitol Hill. In an appearance with Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Saturday, Nunes had no patience for Colbert’s brand of humor. “This is the danger that we have in this country,” Nunes said. “The left controls not only the universities in this country,…

3 thoughts on “Nunes vs. Colbert

  1. As bartcop noted, there were and are dozens and dozen of names of conservo-wacko pundits who routinely appeared on TV or on the radio — and one could name maybe 2 or 3 real liberals (including Bill Maher for giggles) The NYT editorial page is wingnut welfare. Hollywood has been given lots of money (Koch $’s?) to always display government agents as bad guys. Ghostbusters (–EPA), Repo Man (some secret service), All the 007 movies display an incompetent or corrupt CIA (whereas M5 is mostly coool, right) etc etc.. Mostly starting in the late 80s but continuing to today. Hollywood is hardly a liberal bastion, unless you mean most actors, not all.
    Where the ‘;ft’ does have some clout is in college, a 4 year nightmare I suppose for rightwing rich kids to endure. Well some misfortune is good for the soul. Although I suspect what rankles there is not the professors or the TAs, but the fact that you cannot really tell who is rich and who is a scholarship student, that every one is one’s ‘peer’, and that the highest admiration from one’s peers is given to the kids who are smartest and best looking, not the richest.

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