Welcome to World War III

McMaster out, Bolton in. Whoopee! We’re all gonna die!

One thought on “Welcome to World War III

  1. Trump’s whole game consists of co-opting the message.
    That’s all he’s got.

    What did Trump do when he wanted to shut Karen McDougal up?
    He sent his personal lawyer Mike Cohen down to Florida to see his old pal who owns the National Enquirer (AMI) with a bag full of cash.
    The next thing you know AMI has paid McDougal a bag full of cash for an exclusive to her story.
    Which the Enquirer quickly buried for good and forever. (Or so they all thought.)

    “Free marketer” and neo-liberal Gary Cohn, who signed a NDA, hated Trump’s tariffs and publically said so was fired.

    Larry Kudlow, another “free market” neo-liberal who also hates Trump’s tariffs, was hired.
    So now Larry is no longer pounding Trump everyday on the NBC business channel, he’s sitting with his mouth shut under Trump’s desk.

    The warmonger John Bolton has also been co-opted and silenced by Trump.
    The North Korean’s once called Bolton “pond scum.” Bolton also hates every Muslim alive and would like nothing better then to see them all die in a sea of fire.

    Trump wants to make a deal with Kim Jong-un. Think of the business possibilities. Trump/Kim Enterprises located at the twin Trump and Kim Towers in beautiful downtown Pyongyang.

    Trump enjoys screwing with Iran, but he doesn’t want go to war with them. At the same time he’s got to keep the evil twins of Salman and Netanyahu happy (for business reasons) so he makes horrible faces and says terrible things to Iran. All sound and no fury.

    What Trump doesn’t need is the crazy, warmonger John Bolton shooting off his mouth on the FOX War Network every 30 minutes about bombing North Korea and Iran.

    So he hired Bolton, co-opted his message and made him sit under Nazi Stephen Miller’s desk.

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