It’s not Trump, it’s the GOP.

GOP 2018 toast

Here we go again. Last night’s 11th Hour: BRIAN WILLIAMS: You and I keep having this conversation, but this president’s playing with house money. This is your political party, the ruling political party right now in this country. We’re going to see in short order, couple of months, if the president can take any of his…

2 thoughts on “It’s not Trump, it’s the GOP.

  1. The Republican Party will pay a heavy price if, and only if, the anti-Republicans come out to vote in November in massive numbers. Especially the Millennials. Specifically female Millennials.

    Democrats, who believe that Trump is a pox on our house, must wage a pitched political battle between now and then with the most dangerous group in America today, Evangelical Christians.

    Evangelical Christians are, for the most part, narrowed-minded, bigoted, warmongers who pray for Armageddon, watch the FOX War Network far too much, and support Trump no matter what.

  2. If Jesus showed up tomorrow, white evangelicals would cheer while the Republicans threw him into Guantanamo.

    So far their electoral strategies have backfired this year. Hopefully, and with a lot of really hard work, that trend will hold until November and beyond.

    But, as Blue Gal pointed out, we need to also look beyond just getting rid of Fergus. Burn the damn lifeboats indeed, and do something about the cheating they do.
    They are really comfortable with their baked-in ten point advantage, but gerrymandering has been losing in the courts lately.
    We shouldn’t let them rig the census against us if we can possibly stop them.
    Think how much different the last eight years would have been if we hadn’t let them win all of those statehouses before the last census.
    Well, it doesn’t look so good for them on that front this time (though we can’t take that for granted) so they’re exploring any way they can to keep their advantage without, you know actually winning fair elections.

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