Wall Streeters freak out as Republican policies tank economy

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Executives on Wall Street are starting to have buyer’s remorse with the Republican Party, specifically President Trump, due to the fact that the President’s policies and his spineless followers in Congress are sending the stock market into a tail spin.

2 thoughts on “Wall Streeters freak out as Republican policies tank economy

  1. Who gives a damn if the oligarchs and plutocrats are losing billions of dollars in the stock market? Who really gives a good goddamn. Except for their flunky plutocrats.

    Trump is correct to erect tariffs, point out that we have a massive trade imbalance, and call out monopolies like Amazon.

    With the support of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, the WTO and NAFTA, American workers have suffered. Big time.
    Our labor unions are gone, our wages have stagnated, our factories have disappeared and our politics have been corrupted by Capitalist oligarchs.

    Amazon is too big.
    So are Facebook, Sinclair Group, and Google. They must be broken up.

    Monopolies destroy free enterprise like dictators destroy personal freedom.

    Troops to the Mexican border.

    If Trump orders all of the troops in Syria (2000), Iraq (10,000), Afghanistan (18,000), Yemen (1000), UAE (35,000), Saudi Arabia (5000), etc. to be deployed along the Mexican border, I would vigorously support such a move.
    Being the Commander-in Chief he is well within his Constitutional rights to do so.
    The posse comitatus law does not apply because the US/Mexican border is federally controlled land.

  2. I strongly suspect that Trump is tanking the market on direct orders from Putin. Failing Don the Con has serially bankrupted his inheritance and all of his subsequent schemes to recoup; he was running out of places to borrow restocking funds.He is now deep in debt to Russian oligarchs, and him tanking the US markets to facilitate the Big Short is his only way to pay them back. They will short and short, until the market capitulates making them trillions. Then they buy everything up for pennies on the dollar and make trillions on the way up as well.
    Putin: Hey, Donnie – Tweet something stupid.
    Trump: Sure thing, Boss. How about I shut down US manufacturing by cutting the steel supply chain? Then China will retaliate and all of our farmers will go broke as well.That should pretty much gut the middle class.

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