Spanky goes off script, rants about rape, etc.

#BigBabyTrump spanked by his own Republicans. #Ouch!

So Donald Trump, aka Grandpa Crazypants, was supposed to give a speech today about a topic he loves – Tax Reform! His big, shiny, fabulous (aka, only) accomplishment since taking office 15 months ago. His staff drafted a lovely speech with small enough words for him to pronounce and enough spaces for him to ad-lib sufficiently.…

One thought on “Spanky goes off script, rants about rape, etc.

  1. The mid-term elections are on the horizon so Trump is reverting back to being a lunatic and a Nazi again to fire up his White Nationalist base.

    This iteration of the dumb Trump presumes that in order for the Republicans to beat the Democrats in November they will all have to run as Trumpian Nazis.

    Nobody should tell him that that is a really, really, really stupid idea. Mums the word.

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