Knock, knock

This doesn’t mean Mueller never found anything of interest, by the way. It just means Rosenstein thought this was something the NY feds should handle. Getting a warrant to seize a lawyer’s records is highly unusual and indicates they have proof of crimes.

And of course it means these are crimes Trump can’t pardon.

Lawyer and adviser to trump testifies in the Senate

2 thoughts on “Knock, knock

  1. It seems as though there was another lawyer named Cohen way back in the 1950’s who hunted for American Communists for Senator Joe McCarthy.
    Both of these Cohens are/were amoral, money grubbers who would do anything for a buck.
    One assumes that their hero was mobster Arnold Rothstein.

    Bolton has fired two of McMaster’s staff people in the past two days.
    Tom Bossert and Michael Anton.
    Both are Bush guys who hate Muslims and supported the Iraq War.

  2. That was Cohn, not Cohen, and Fergus has been searching for a replacement for his attorney and mentor ever since he died, and failing to find one because the things he liked about Cohn were not, in fact, what made him effective as an attorney.
    Also, I believe this is still in pardon territory, as it’s the US Attorney. Had it been the New York state Attorney General, than he would be beyond the reach of a presidential pardon.

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