Trump rages about Cohen raid: ‘It’s an attack on our country’

Flanked by John Bolton and his generals, Donald Trump raged about the FBI raid on Michael Cohen. In his stream of vitriol, he managed to mention Hillary Clinton a couple of times and the “harrible things” she has done. What are those things, again? At one point Trump tells the press, “It’s an attack on our…

One thought on “Trump rages about Cohen raid: ‘It’s an attack on our country’

  1. “Flanked by his generals.”

    The War Powers Act does not give Trump the authority to take any military action in Syria.
    As a matter of fact the US troops (2000) that are already in Syria are there illegally.

    The gas attack in Douma, real of imagined, has been blamed on the “animal Assad” by Trump and his generals.

    The pro-Zionist, anti-Shiite, Evangelical Christian warmongers are using the “gas attack” as reason enough to kill Iranians in Syria.

    Thousands of dead Shiites and Alawites is exactly what the Zionist extremists, Saudi Sunnis and Christian Armageddonists are all praying for.

    If these warmongers succeed in talking Trump into wagging that rabid dog because he’s feeling vulnerable now that all of his crimes are being exposed, then Trump truly is the dumbest human who has ever lived.

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