Republicans made a plan to discredit Comey — and it leaked

Ronna McDaniel

According to CNN, the RNC has put together an “exhaustive” plan to undermine the credibility of Jim Comey, whose book tour starts this week: The Republican plan against Comey is built around several aggressive arguments, according to the plan obtained by CNN, including these: 1) “Comey has a long history of misstatements and misconduct,” including damage…

One thought on “Republicans made a plan to discredit Comey — and it leaked

  1. Nobody likes the taste of Castor Oil.
    But the stuff really clears out one’s upper and lower intestines. The places that all of our s*** collects.
    As Dr. Kellogg use to say, “A clean colon is a healthy colon.”

    We should all think of Trump as Castor Oil.
    Our political system was way overdue for a colon cleansing and Trump was/is the Right man for this particular sewage job.
    Trump knows everything there is to know about s*** and other human waste.

    What this country did not need in 2016 was the same old same old Bush or Clinton.

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