Jim Comey should have followed the rules

James Comey, in 'A Higher Loyalty,' says he feared 'illegitimate' Hillary Clinton presidency

Instead of treating Hillary Clinton more harshly because he thought she’d win.

And Spanky’s really going off the deep end over Comey’s book:


3 thoughts on “Jim Comey should have followed the rules

  1. Comey treated Hillary harshly because she is a woman, period. He is only kidding himself if he thinks her likelihood of winning excused his behavior.

  2. Geez, I don’t know………….
    Comey’s a Republican which makes him the enemy right off the bat.
    What he knows about the misdeeds and dirty politics that have been played by all sides over the past 30 years must be legion.

    One assumes that those who run our intelligence community know lots of things.
    What they are willing to let slid and who they want to take out is the question.

    Perhaps there actually is a “deep state” which is pursuing its own political agenda?
    Maybe Hillary wasn’t a part their plan and neither is Trump.

    It’s strange what happens when people vote. Or don’t vote.

  3. There is no answer to the question of why Comey did what he did to Hillary Clinton that doesn’t include the word “slimeball.” Smart, erudite, competent, well-dressed, tall, Republican, and master of the fed bureaucracy. All true. He knew she would win, so he released a pre-emptive strike to weaken her administration, feed the nutcase, tin foil hat crowd, and divert attention during the transition period to another scandal. Slimeball, Republican.

    They’re all the same, even though they dress differently.

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