Oh my man I love him so

Russia’s Putin predicts global ‘chaos’ if West hits Syria again | World

Trump and Putin, star-crossed lovers:

Former president Barack Obama had a tense relationship with Putin. Trump said he could do better but felt stymied by the media, Congress and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

Any conciliatory move he made toward Putin came under heavy scrutiny. “When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship is a good thing,” Trump tweeted in November. “They are always playing politics — bad for our country.”

Privately, he complained to aides that the media’s fixation on the Mueller probe was hobbling his effort to woo Putin. “I can’t put on the charm,” the president often said, according to one of his advisers. “I’m not able to be president because of this witch hunt.”

As the months passed, the president’s options for improving relations with Russia narrowed. In late July, Congress overwhelmingly approved new sanctions on Moscow that were widely seen as a rebuke of Trump’s efforts to reach out to Putin. It took aides four days to persuade Trump to sign the bill, which had cleared with a veto-proof majority.

Read the whole thing. Sure smells like collusion!

One thought on “Oh my man I love him so

  1. The Democrats have seen to it that the Russian’s were the “evil meanies.” Because they’re vindictive and war-like. Neo-liberals act like that. Women or men.

    Remember “Freedom Fries?”
    How times have changed.

    Apparently French President Macaroon talked Trump into 1) bombing aspirin factories (like Bill Clinton) at a cost of $200 million+ (replacing the pipes in Flint will cost $100 million) in Syria, and 2) keeping 2000 US troops in Syria “for the long term.”

    How many troops does France have in Syria one might ask? 100.
    Why is Congress allowing Macaroon and France to dictate US foreign policy?
    Shouldn’t Congress pay a price for shirking its Constitutional duty by allowing the President, any President, to declare war?

    Macaroon is a “paper tiger” who is in deep political trouble at home.
    As are the UK’s Theresa May, Netanyahu–whose “Jewish” State of Israel killed 1 more Palestinian protester and wounded 250+ others last Friday– the usurper Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, and of course Trump.

    Failing politicians always use violence to shore up their political support by instilling fear into the electorate.
    “Wag the Dog.”

    Republicans are the enemy.

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