V.A. nominee under fire

White Home physician: Trump “has completely no cognitive or psychological points”

You all remember Ronny Jackson — he’s the White House Naval physician who said how healthy Trump is, and declared him free of cognitive impairment! Now we’re getting a broader picture after Trump chose him for VA chief:


One thought on “V.A. nominee under fire

  1. Apparently Jackson is a drunk. Which might explain why he thought that Trump was in such good health.
    If you put two delusional people into the same room they’ll exit that room complimenting each other every time.
    It’s a law of nature.

    Trump and the Republicans want to privatize the VA, so the next person appointed to run the place will be even worse then Jackson was.

    Once the VA is in crisis mode the Republicans will demand that it be put into receivership and run by a Capitalist running dog.

    Republicans are the enemy.

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