Trump bodyguard raided his doctor’s office

This is not normal. You’re entitled to copies of your medical records, but not the original records themselves:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday insisted that President Donald Trump’s former bodyguard was following “standard operating procedure” when he reportedly raided the office of the president’s former doctor.

During Tuesday’s White House briefing, Sanders was asked why former White House staffer Keith Schiller forcibly took President Trump’s records from his former physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein.

“As is standard operating procedure, the White House medical unit took possession of the president’s medical records,” Sanders explained, disputing reports that characterized the incident as a “raid.” One reporter noted that some experts had compared the alleged raid to a “burglary.”

“Once again, it would be standard procedure for the president — a newly elected president’s medical records to be in possession of the White House’s medical unit,” Sanders insisted. “That’s what was taking place. Those records were being transferred over to the White House medical unit as requested by the president.”

3 thoughts on “Trump bodyguard raided his doctor’s office

  1. Dr. Bornstein told a reporter that Trump used Propecia to stimulate hair growth and the mob boss sent in his goons to raid his office.
    Trump sure is sensitive about being bald. A fact that most Americans already knew.
    How could you not? Trump has the worst comb over in the history of mankind.

    Note: Trump is responsible for the open revolt currently taking place in Puerto Rico. He should worry more about that then about his baldness.
    As Dylan said, “If you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.”
    And the citizens of Puerto Rico are now down to nothing.

    The Capitalists (bankers and investors) want another round of austerity in Puerto Rico.
    They announced recently that all pensions would be cut by 10%, Christmas bonuses would be eliminated, services would again be cut, etc.

    The people of Puerto Rico called BS and have taken to the streets.

    Ain’t Capitalism grand?

  2. If original records were integral to the President’s care, why was Dr. Jackson denied access to them?

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