Another new lawyer for Trump

Yeah, that’s it. Trump didn’t do anything, people are just going after him in a partisan frenzy, led by all those Republican prosecutors… because they’re jealous of his hair, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Another new lawyer for Trump

  1. Flood preached this same line of defense for Clinton.
    Which didn’t help Bill, who was impeached anyway, and it won’t help Trump who will actually be run out of town and then impeached.

    Then we will get the racist, Evangelical Christian, warmonger Mike Pence as our next delusional, messianic leader.

  2. And Pence is not afraid to turn his ‘uniforms’ against the citizenry. He used Indiana State Troopers to shut down voter registration drives, seizing laptops and cell phones from grassroots organizations. He has the heart of a trump, but with an evil intelligence behind it.

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