Fundraiser for medical expenses

Reduce wrist tendonitis pain with these stretches

This morning felt like the final straw. About a year ago, I developed a latex allergy and that really put a crimp in my day, since I normally have to wrap my wrists to function. So I switched to non-latex bandages.

Well, I don’t know what’s in them, but this morning, I started to itch. When I took the bandage off, I had hives.

This is a problem because I have such severe tendonitis in my right hand. I need more regular acupuncture treatments and more visits to the chiropractor to get functional. Right now, I only go when I have the money — that is, not often. (I don’t go as much as I need because my co-pay went from $10 to $70.)

If I had the money, I’d already be doing it. If you can chip in, I’d really appreciate it — and so would my hand. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Fundraiser for medical expenses

  1. Hello Susie, I wish I had some wisdom from experience to share with you. but I don’t so I sent a bit of money. Get well soon!

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