3 thoughts on “Betting on the next indictments

  1. Apparently there were Russian bots & Israeli bots.

    It is illegal for foreign entities to contribute anything of value to a US political campaign.

    PSY Group, based in Israel and headquartered in Cyprus (Wilbur Ross), was founded by Joel Zamel who partnered with Cambridge Analytica (Bannon, the Mercers) to help in Trump’s political campaign.

    PSY Group invented social-media personas who spread misleading information through websites that mimicked news accounts (fake news).

    PSY Group claims that it gave nothing of value to the Trump campaign and received nothing of value from the Trump campaign.
    Except that Mueller has already identified a $2 million dollar payment from Trump to PSY after the election.

    In March 2018, PSY Group CEO Royi Burstein (attended the Trump Tower meeting with Junior) closed the company.
    Burstein is the ex-Commander of an Israeli government psychological warfare unit.

    PSY for SPY?

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