Gorsuch is proof you get what you pay for

Now he’s overturned precedent to screw unions:

One thought on “Gorsuch is proof you get what you pay for

  1. 4 Fascist ideologues and 1 lost soul on the US Supreme Court are assisting Trump in setting up his Soviet-style authoritarian state with their rulings.

    Trump’s “Muslim” ban was directed solely at Iran, because Trump loves Netanyahu and his militant Zionists, and they are at war with Iran.

    Trump included the failed states of North Korea (ooops), Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia (all states that failed because of US foreign policy) in his bizarre Proclamation simply as cover up his racism and hatred.

    Because Trump would love to see Nicolas Maduro disappear from the face of the earth he included Venezuela on his list.

    This was all done for the sake of national security? What bullsh**!
    Why isn’t Cuba on the list? Or Saudi Arabia, where the Twin Tower terrorists came from? Or Pakistan which created the Taliban?

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