Putin madness

And, as logically follows:

One thought on “Putin madness

  1. Let’s hope that he promised Putin that the US will pull it’s troops out of Syria, pull NATO forces back from Russia’s western border, come to terms with Iran, end the war in Yemen and stop caving in to Netanyahu.

    On Wednesday Netanyahu’s Israel voted 62-55 in the Knesset to become a racist, apartheid state by declaring that Israel is the “nation-state of the Jewish people.”

    The law they passed declared that the official language of Israel was Hebrew which, in effect, downgraded the status of all non-Jews to 2nd-class citizens.

    So much for the Zionist dream of a non-sectarian, Socialist State of Israel.
    It was terrorist PM Menachem Begin who killed the Kibbutz Movement and it’s Netanyahu who has set up a Fascist state.

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