Cheery thought of the day


Something’s getting through to people!

President Donald Trump has asserted his right to pardon himself (while noting he has done nothing requiring a pardon), but in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, Republicans and Democrats alike aren’t so sure a President can do that. By nearly three to one, Americans do not think the President has the power to pardon himself. </blockquote>

One thought on “Cheery thought of the day

  1. Trump is becoming increasingly paranoid, irrational and unhinged.
    Hence his ludicrous threat to annihilate Iran.

    That said, our intelligence community has lost its collective mind and they are acting like vampires being bathed in sunlight.

    And then there’s Pence, our backup president.
    Everybody has a friend in Jesus.
    Except for pseudo-Christian, hypocrite Mike Pence.
    Which proves the rule.

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