Oh dear

Trump concerned about son in Mueller probe, sources tell CNN

Via Newsweek, the idea that Don. Jr. might be indicted is on Trump’s mind these days:

President Donald Trump’s top concern in regards to the special counsel’s investigation must be his eldest son’s previous testimony before Congress, which could lead to an indictment of Donald Trump Jr., according to ABC News’s chief legal analyst Dan Abrams on Monday.

Abrams said the president had to continue the narrative that he had no advance knowledge of the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower, otherwise, his son could be exposed for lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“He has to stick to that part because if he says he knew about the meeting, that almost certainly means Donald Jr. lied in front of Congress, and I think that that would almost certainly mean that Donald Jr. would get indicted,” Abrams said. “And that’s I think gotta be his number one concern. We can talk about all these questions of campaign finance law and possible defrauding of the United States. The number one concern of his right now has to be that statement to Congress from Don Jr. that Donald Trump didn’t know about the meeting.”

One thought on “Oh dear

  1. The day that Donnie boy began listening to his father’s advice, is the very day that his journey to prison began.
    His father is schizophrenic and psychopathic.

    Speaking of which, Trump’s schizophrenic foreign policy is starting to threatening our lives and limbs.

    >China and Russia are key players in a US foreign policy that wants to see the denuclearization of North Korea.
    To gain their support and cooperation, Trump started a general trade war with China and slapped sanctions on Russian industry.
    Just to appease the Cold Warriors and the warmongers.

    >The US would like to see the Iranian’s pull back a bit in the Middle East and not build nuclear weapons.
    To gain Iranian trust, Trump ripped up the nuclear deal and reimposed economic sanctions.
    Just to appease Netanyahu and the militant Zionists.

    We have similar lose-lose policies in place in Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, and Venezuela.

    And we can all watch this lunacy play out in 2019 for the low, low price of $7 hundred and 17 billion dollars.

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