Nice country you got here

It’s a shame if something happens to it! Yeah, that’s what you want in a “leader”;

2 thoughts on “Nice country you got here

  1. The nomination of Andrew Gillum for governor in Florida is a perfect example of what happens when the Resistance mobilizes and then votes in large numbers against neo-liberal (moderate, establishment, corporatist) Democrats at the polls.

    The same can be said for Stacy Abrams, Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Georgia.

    The Resistance is trying to prevent White, Evangelical Christians, and those of their ilk, from selling our democratic-republic down the river for a few pieces of silver and a couple of judges.

    Trump is threatening violence should the Resistance be successful.
    “Democrats will overturn everything that we’ve have done and they’ll do it quickly and violently, these are violent people.”

    Conservatives (Republicans) are Fascists strutting around in Populist clothing.

    Republicans must be defeated at the polls at all costs on November 6.

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