One thought on “Waiting is the hardest part

  1. Why do the leaders of the Democratic Party, speaker pelosi, V/Chair of the Democratic Caucus Katherine Clark (MASS), Steney Hoyer (Maryland), and Chuck Schumer (NY) all sound like halfwits?

    Trump has, for all intents and purposes, shut pelosi’s investigations down.
    By refusing to cooperate in any way with any of her committee chairman, Trump has outwitted “no-impeachment” nancy and her cadre of nitwits.

    If pelosi would authorize the Judiciary Committee (Nadler) to begin impeachment proceedings she could regain all of the power and requisite tools necessary to force Trump to comply with the law and Constitutional norms. (Just like the justice system is doing.)

    pelosi’s plan seems to be to pass all of the legislation that she can muster, send it to the Senate to die, and then wish and hope that somehow Trump disappears and Biden rules the roost after 2020.

    Democrats deserve more from their delusional leaders then magical thinking.

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