My Twitter thoughts on the 46 mass shootings in May

If a desperate citizen, in the wake of yet another mass slaughter, suggests some solution and your response is: “Huh! Anyone who knew anything about guns would know why that won’t work, this is why no one should take these people seriously,” YOU JUST MIGHT BE AN ASSHOLE.

It’s not about scoring points, it’s about Americans working together to stop the slaughter. You would think people could focus on that, instead of berating people on technical inconsistencies. And then they wonder why we say in frustration, “Then just get rid of the guns.”

Yes, I said it. GET RID OF THE FUCKING GUNS. I just had an argument with my doctor about guns and his kids: “You say they’re for protection. But if they’re locked up, the key and the ammo are in separate places, HOW FAST CAN YOU GET TO TO THEM?”

He then told me he really had them “in case the shit hit the fan.” “What is it with this Red Dawn fantasy?” I said. “You gonna outshoot the tanks, the sonic cannons, the Kevlar armor? You’re dreaming.” Then I really upset him when I said research shows those people with the best chance of surviving are the ones with the strongest ties to the community!

A community shares resources instead of hoarding them, and fighting off threats. Boy, that really irked him. “I never heard that,” he said. “Yeah, ’cause you’re too busy reading Yahoo News and all the crazies,” I said.

“And unlike you, I have actually had a loaded weapon pointed at me, and I didn’t need another gun to talk the guy down.”

There are so many psychological forces at play with the ammosexuals. The biggest one is the fantasy that a “real man” can protect his family no matter what. No, you can’t. As long as there are guns EVERYWHERE, you’re subject to the other male fantasy: Revenge.

And as long as men worship revenge, none of us are safe. The end.