This is a pretty big deal

But I don’t have the time and energy to research it all and spell it out. Just take note, all will come out later — testimony and evidence that Israeli intelligence groups were working with the Russians to elect Trump:

One thought on “This is a pretty big deal

  1. If the 2016 election was the first time that the Israelis had interfered in a US presidential election then that could be forgiven. But the fact is that Israel has been covertly meddling in our elections for 70 years.
    Whose algorithms do we all suppose the Russians were using?

    Other covert Israeli activity like spying, political dirty tricks and outright crimes have also been part of Israel’s foreign policy techniques for decades in the US and elsewhere.

    There is no empirical evidence that Israel was behind any covert “targeted assassinations” within US borders, but then there wouldn’t be would there?

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