Another Trump appointee down the drain

W could talk about the fact that Trump appoints such sub-par people that they won’t pass congressional confirmation, but that doesn’t negate the fact that having everyone in acting capacity only undermines the institutions:

One thought on “Another Trump appointee down the drain

  1. At his core Trump is concerned about only one thing—what do “I” need to say and do to win.
    In short Trump will lie, steal, cheat and deceive to be numero uno.

    Trump doesn’t care about truth, loyalty, fidelity, honor or ethics; and neither do the people who support him.

    Both he and they are corrupt.

    Instead of fighting against this corruption, pelosi and the elected Democrats are focused on what the best political play is to get reelected in 2020, instead of doing their Constitutional duty and impeaching Trump.

    That is also a form of corruption.

    “Glory to God, who determined, for reasons we know not, that wickedness and stupidity should rule the world.” Arthur de Gobineau, 1876.

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