Oh look

The Dems aren’t being stupid and weak, as people online so often explain to me.

One thought on “Oh look

  1. The House Intelligence Committee conducts most of its business behind closed door and away from the public eye, but that’s a serious issue that we’ll leave for another day.

    So far, in this game of cat and mouse, Trump looks stronger then Nadler, Pelosi and the Democrats.

    Trump stalls and pelosi goes to court and nothing happens.
    Pretty soon the clock will run out on impeachment and the perception will be that pelosi was beaten to a bloody political stump by Trump.

    To add to the Democratic Party’s misery we are also saddled with old, out of touch, uncle Joe.

    At the same fund raiser full of fat cats where Joe got himself caught up in the briar patch with “tar baby,” he also said something else disturbing.

    “No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change,” Joe promised the deep pocketed oligarchs and plutocrats if he’s elected.

    Yeah, that’s what we need Joe.
    Everybody marching in place economically for the next four years.

    Biden sounds more and more like Trump with each passing day.
    It wouldn’t be surprising if Joe recommended bringing back the 8-track one of these days.

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