Politics 101

This thread from Sally Albright explains what I’ve tried to spell out, albeit clumsily: Why Nancy Pelosi can’t impeach — yet. Click on it, go read the rest.

2 thoughts on “Politics 101

  1. The US economy has been expanding for 121 consecutive months.

    That’s an all time record.

    During this record expansion, income inequality and the wealth gap have gotten progressively worse.

    The top 10% of income earners have received about 80% of all the new wealth created over that 121 month period.

    The other 90% of us feel like we’ve been stuck in place economically.

    Fewer middle-class Americans own homes.
    Fewer are invested in the stock market.
    And the value of homes in wealthier areas has risen much faster then the value of the homes where we the “unwashed masses” live.

    Everybody ought to be impeached; but the Left will settle for the immediate impeachment of Trump……………for now.

  2. I think it may be mostly about timing. Start impeachment now and he will have been “exonerated” by the senate by the first of the year, boosting his reelection campaign right when it will really be needing it. Wait a few months with hearings and congressional investigations to help move public opinion and start impeachment after the first of the year, and have the impeachment hearings on live TV in the summer of 2020, and don’t even give McConnell the chance to acquit him before the election.
    Remember how badly they will be cheating this time and this will make more sense.
    What they did last time was bad, but they have had two years of total Republican control of the government since then and they will be more desperate this time as Trump may be looking at prison if he doesn’t win reelection and run out the clock on the statute of limitations while being protected from prosecution by the presidency.

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