‘Do something!’

Republicans really think they can obfuscate and delay over gun regulation this time. It’s not going to work:

“One of the most striking moments came early on with the second questioner, a local teacher.

“As part of my teacher training this past week, I was asked to listen to popping sounds and then determine if they were gun shots or not,” said Ellie Holland, a speech and language pathologist teacher. “I was then asked to be trained to man a family reunification center to provide counseling to parents seeking their children following a catastrophic event.”

“My question to you today, Senator, is when can I plan to get back to trainings that simply teach children to read and write?” she asked.

“After some applause from the crowd, Ernst replied as she did throughout all the questions this morning, talking about laws already on the books and calling for more action on mental health care.

“This is a very, very difficult time, and we have gone through many of these,” Ernst began. “I remember going through all types of drills as a child growing up.”

“Parts of the crowd yelled out “not like this,” along with intermittent “do something!” shouts.

“Ernst mentioned her recent town hall in Aplington, Iowa, where a popular, well-known football coach was gunned down by a former player with mental health problems ten years ago.

“A lot of the incidents that we see do come back to mental illness,” Ernst said. “We need to make sure that those that are showing signs of instability are able to receive treatment.”

“We are short counselors, we are short psychologists,” she added.

“We are short congresspeople that take action!” one man in the crowd shouted in response.”

One thought on “‘Do something!’

  1. Ernst like every other Republican should be voted out of office in 2020.

    But here’s something else that won’t work–Joe Biden.
    Biden played a big role in getting the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1985 passed through Congress.
    The NRA called the Act “the law that saved gun rights in America.”

    Jill Biden said this a few days ago about her husband, “You may not like him. You may not agree with his policies. But you know that he’s the only one who can beat Trump.”

    The most recent polls show that the top four Democratic candidates for president, Warren, Bernie, Harris and Biden, all beat Trump.

    Less then a third of the Democratic Party belongs to establishment oligarchs and plutocrats.
    More then a third is solidly Progressive.
    The rest of the Democrats are in a perpetual state of low clairvoyance.

    Capitalism is an issue. Just like health care, guns and immigration are issues.

    Biden is on the wrong side of the issue of Capitalism either because he doesn’t understand what Capitalism is or he’s a liar like Trump.
    Biden is also wrong on the issues of health care, public education, military expenditures, foreign policy and guns when it actually counts.

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