Trump explains what good Jews do

One thought on “Trump explains what good Jews do

  1. Trump is convinced that everybody but him is a simpleton, and that everybody including him are on the take.
    So Trumps only question is, “What’s your price?”

    Some “Jews” are now pretending that they don’t understand what Trump is talking about when he says that “the Jews” are either stupid or are being disloyal. Disloyal to whom they ask?

    When Trump acted illegally and “gave” control of Jerusalem to the Israeli’s and then moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, “the Jews,” for the most part, applauded him.
    When Trump illegally “gave” the Golan Heights to Israel and cut off all US funding to the people of the occupied State of Palestine, most of “the Jews” did not object.

    So as far as Trump was concerned he’d paid Netanyahu’s price for the absolute loyalty of “the Jews.” (Trump is a simpleton after all.)

    But now that he (Trump) is being criticized by “the Jews” for his racist, unjustified and purely political attacks against four Democratic women of color he feels betrayed. And with good reason.

    ***When the last narcissistic, demagogue felt that he’d been betrayed by “the Jews” it didn’t end well for anybody.

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