The end times

2 thoughts on “The end times

  1. Trump and the Republicans truly live in a bizarro world.

    Bringing things back into the real world.
    On Monday Representative Ben Ray Lujan, the Assistant House Speaker, added his name to the long list of Democrats who want to impeach Trump.
    There are now more then 160 House Democrats, out of 235, who want Trump impeached.
    That leaves 75 conservative, Blue Dog Democrats who are still refusing to uphold their Oath of Office by doing their Constitutional duty and impeaching Trump.
    Unfortunately one of them is Speaker Pelosi.

    What’s the worst that can happen if the Democrats lose the Senate and win the House and the presidency?

    Pelosi’s replacement (she swore she would only serve one term) and President Warren will neuter Moscow Mitch and make his life a living hell.

    What the Democratic Party does not need is another center-right, moderate who will make bipartisan deals with Moscow Mitch and the Republicans.

    What the Democratic Party does need is a “far Left, Socialist” like Franklin Delano Roosevelt who will take on the oligarchs and the plutocrats and fight to pass Medicare-for-all, a reduction in the military budget, a Green New Deal, a free public education K-16, and a middle-class, living wage.

    And that ain’t Joe Biden.

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