One thought on “Hopefully soon

  1. We need all of the impeachment inquiry hearings like the hearing held yesterday and the hearing set for today to be public events.

    These hearings should not be held behind closed doors away from public view simply because that causes confusion.
    The Republicans come out and tell us that there was nothing to see and that there were certainly no impeachable offenses presented in the testimony.
    The Democrats come out and tell us that there were “smoking texts” which proved all of Trumps crimes beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    The oligarchs will accept Trumps defeat in the 2020 election.
    They will not accept the impeachment of Trump.

    Closing the impeachment inquiry hearings to the public causes confusion and that confusion benefits somebody.
    And that somebody is not “we the people.” (Maybe the plutocrats.)

    The Democrats should open all of the impeachment related hearings to the public and let the people decide for themselves whether or not Trump committed crimes and impeachable offenses.
    (Which he clearly did.)

    Republicans are the “enemy of the people.”

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