Kill Facebook

I was already prepared to ditch the thing, just trying to figure out how to make the transition re: family members. Reading “Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America” made up my mind everyone needs to get the hell off:

3 thoughts on “Kill Facebook

  1. Elizabeth Warren has Zuckerberg’s number and he knows it. Mark’s jig is up and he’s just trying to delay the inevitable.

    Which may be why Warren is leading in the current polls.
    Warren 25% — Biden 24% — Sanders 22% — and — Mayor Pete 9%.

    These four candidates control 80% of the Democratic vote.
    The other 8 also-rans divide up the remaining 20%.

    What do they say about those who pursue lost causes?

  2. Never had a Facebook account, and apparently they really don’t like that. I get at least two emails from them EVERY DAY trying to lure me in. One always says “A lot has happened on Facebook since you last logged in” which is at least true in the sense that everything that has ever happened has happened since I last logged in because, and I can’t emphasize this enough, I HAVE NEVER LOGGED IN to Facebook.

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