Chaos demon strikes again

It was the first meeting Trump had with Pelosi since the impeachment began, and today House Republicans broke ranks to join Dems in a vote against his Syria withdrawal.

He basically threw a tantrum and yelled at Pelosi, who has raised five kids and knows to ignore them. So the Dems walked out of the room, and Trump tweeted the photo of Pelosi confronting him, thinking somehow it made her look bad!

One thought on “Chaos demon strikes again

  1. Nobody, not Turkey or Syria or Iraq or Iran, was ever going to permit “US ally” the Kurds, to set up an autonomous state on 35% of Syrian territory.
    That hairbrained idea sounds like it was hatched in some Israeli military think tank.

    Obama had 8 years to reverse Bush’s military expansionism in the Middle East.
    Instead Obama chose to expand the existing wars and create civil wars in Syria, Yemen and Libya.
    Obama’s Middle East policy looks a lot like the Cheney/Bolton Middle East Plan for US dominance in the region, but with a “smaller military footprint.”
    Why wouldn’t Russia object to that?

    The leadership of the Democratic Party seems intent on continuing our military involvement in the Middle East forever.
    Some Democratic presidential candidates, Klobuchar, Mayor Pete and Biden among them, are even claiming the we left our “Kurdish allies to be slaughtered” when they know full well that that is a bold faced lie.

    Rather then supporting this welcomed change in ME policy, Democratic leaders decided instead to politicize the decision and join the Republican warmongers in voting to condemn our exit from Syria.
    354-60 against stopping the wars in the Middle East beginning with Syria.
    The warmongers in both political parties carried the day.

    When Trump brings an end to our military involvement in Afghanistan, we should expect and even more violent reaction from the warmongering leadership of the Democratic Party.

    These warmongers both Democrat and Republican must be receiving huge campaign contributions from military contractors.
    And human life be damned.

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