It was completely off my radar.

One thought on “ICYMI …

  1. There is a huge difference between how US foreign policy has been conducted over the past 250 years by previous presidents and how Trump conducted our foreign policy with (the) Ukraine.

    Every president exchanges “this for that” in order to reach negotiated agreements with countries.
    But that obvious quid pro quo is based on what’s best for our country and for “we the people.”
    It is not based on what any particular president would gain personally from the transaction.

    In the case of the Ukraine, Trump solicited a bribe when he attempted to gain some advantage over his US political rivals in exchange for releasing congressionally authorized military aid to the Ukraine.
    That behavior is clearly unconstitutional and impeachable.

    Any Republican defending Trumps actions in this matter is assisting Trump in undermining our Constitution.
    And that makes Republicans unpatriotic scumbags and “enemies of the people.”

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