3 thoughts on “Traitors to the Constitution

  1. Good old boy was one of the seven called to Moscow for 4th of July.
    Why’d he go?
    Who paid?
    There’s a reason he’s being obsequious. He’s a traitor to the Nation and he’s violated his solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution.

  2. Republicans no longer care about the facts or who is telling lies or just making stuff up. Nor do they care about the Constitution.

    What Republicans do care about is being reelected so that they can hold onto their power and keep their perks.

    That is how you define corruption.

    Republicans are “dangerous” “human scum” and “enemies of the people.”

  3. The senate was recently briefed on the Russian security services origin of the “Ukraine did it, not Russia” lie, so this creep knows full well that the lies he’s spreading were cooked up by Russia to help them and hurt us.

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