The low wage workforce …

The Brookings Institute report …

Low-wage workers comprise a substantial share of the workforce. More than 53 million people, or 44% of all workers ages 18 to 64 in the United States, earn low hourly wages. More than half (56%) are in their prime working years of 25-50, and this age group is also the most likely to be raising children (43%). They are concentrated in a relatively small number of occupations, and many face economic hardship and difficult roads to higher-paying jobs. Slightly more than half are the sole earners in their families or make major contributions to family income. Nearly one-third live below 150% of the federal poverty line (about $36,000 for a family of four), and almost half have a high school diploma or less.

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  1. Trump promised that if he was elected the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) would increase by 4% a year.

    The GDP increased 2.8% in Trumps first year. (It was Obama’s budget.)
    In year two the GDP increased 2.7%,
    and this year the GDP is on pace to increase 2.3%.
    Next years projection is that the GDP will increase by 2.4%.

    By anybody’s measure Trump has failed miserably in keeping his promise to increase the GDP by at least 4% a year.

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