One thought on “Josh Kovensky: Everything Rudy Did, He Did For Trump…

  1. The Republicans are like those three monkeys—–See no evil, Hear no evil and Speak no evil.

    “You’re a liberal hack,” claimed Republican Martha McSally from Arizona.

    We’re told that the Senate trial is a useless exercise because the result is a foregone conclusion.
    Republicans, and one or two idiot Democrats like Manchin and Jones, will vote to acquit Trump.

    Each passing day brings more and more damning evidence that reveals the extent of Trumps criminality.
    Yet the Republicans will vote not convict him.

    The Republican Party has become a mindless cult made-up of un-American cowards who no longer care about the Constitution.

    Just yesterday Trump said that he knows nobody, has never talked to anybody about anything, and he doesn’t remember ever meeting anyone.
    Because “I meet so many people everyday” that they’re all just a big, blob of chattering dummies without faces.
    And the Republicans agree with every word this liar says.

    The Republicans are worshiping at the feet of a graven image in Trump and that’s why they are the “enemy of the people.”

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