Of course

Him and every other Wall Street asshole. They blamed everyone but themselves:

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  1. The almost depression of 07-08 clearly wasn’t the fault of the 99%.
    It was the fault of a real estate bubble caused by the money lenders and predatory real estate investors.

    New Yorker Jimmy McMillian of the Rent is Too Damn High Party was right when he said that “Rents are too damn high.”

    Just this week Jeff Bezos purchased a $165 million dollar home in Beverly Hills.
    What do you suppose the inside of a $165 million dollar home looks like?
    Tens of thousands of homeless Angelinos would love to know.

    This conspicuous display of wealth by Bezos is unconscionable.

  2. Well, making loans to “those” people was a major component of the crash, “those” people being anyone they could get to slow to a walk and sign the paperwork.

    After they figured out how to package mortgages into “financial instruments” and sell them as “mortgage backed securities” they could make money on any mortgage whether it was sound or whether it defaulted, and the poor schmucks who should never have had mortgages were coached on how to lie on the applications to get them approved.

    They called it “predatory lending” and it was how Elizabeth Warren got into politics, and it grew out of George W. Bush’s “ownership society”, an attempt to make the growing housing bubble cover for the weakening economy while he remained in office. It didn’t work.

    It was so Byzantine and corrupt that when the bogus mortgages started going bad and being foreclosed upon, the people struggling to stay in the houses they couldn’t afford often couldn’t find out who was holding the paper on their loans in order to negotiate with them.

    The whole process wiped out several trillion dollars of ordinary citizens’ wealth and resulted in no legal consequences for the perpetrators that I am aware of, and in fact one despicable creep who got filthy rich off of thousands of foreclosures is now the Treasury Secretary.

    But as for Mikey, stopping predatory lending with redlining is a lot like stopping a fever with a bullet, and as a motherfucking billionaire, he damn well knows it.

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