Trump just does not get what is really important here…

I just finished watching Georgia’s Governor Kemp detail what his task force has put in place to fight Covid-19. It was a striking list, but, fell short of “shelter in place” across the board. Local elected officials are putting in place stricter rules in localities that are hot spots.

Apparently, Trump is having a real hard time grasping the idea that this isn’t going to pass in a few weeks. Trump can’t campaign or control the markets and it is making him furious.

One thought on “Trump just does not get what is really important here…

  1. The Coronavirus began in Wuhan, China which has a population of 19 million people.
    Some claim that it was passed from bats to humans in Wuhan’s live animal markets.

    Before the city of Wuhan was “locked down” on January 20th, 5 million residents left the metro area.

    We can assume that these folks were people of means and importance who had been given a heads up.

    The available evidence indicates that these were the very people who spread this virus all over the world.

    As of today metro Wuhan is no longer in “lockdown” because the virus is disappearing.

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