Blue state bailout?

Kiss my ass, Andrew Cuomo tells Mitch McConnell:

One thought on “Blue state bailout?

  1. Once upon a time the USA made, in our own factories which employed our own union workers, all of those things that the medical community, and the rest of us, need and are in short supply today like masks, swabs, protective suits, hand sanitizer, etc.

    Then came the Neo-liberals and NAFTA.

    That “giant sucking sound” we all heard 25 odd years ago as thousands of American factories and millions of union jobs went to China and India in search of lower wages and no OSHA and EPA regulations was caused by NAFTA.

    China is currently manufacturing and selling to us many of the PPE supplies and reagents that we have a shortage of here in America because of Neo-liberal policies.

    In its infinite wisdom the Democratic Party decided that center-right, Neo-liberal Joe Biden should be its presidential candidate.

    For all of those Democrats who are not in the moderate camp, Joe Biden would normally be a non-starter.
    But we are in a crisis because Trump is the president, and Trump must be defeated in November “by any means necessary.”

    To guarantee Trumps defeat, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party should not chose another Neo-liberal (Booker, Klobuchar, Mayor Pete, Harris, etc.) as Joe’s running mate.
    Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past 35 years.

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