One thought on “As if they never thought of that

  1. More notes from “all along the watchtower” (Isaiah 21:6-9).

    >First Governor Newsom ordered a very strict coronavirus lockdown and now he’s dispatched the National Guard, issued curfews, and put select areas of California under martial law (emergency declaration) in response to the people’s rage against centuries of injustice.
    This is what a fascist looks like.

    >The “law and order” crowd are, for the most part, racist Republicans.
    They are the practitioners of fascism.

    >There is little doubt that all of the “additional troops” now roaming our streets have been tasked with the protection of property.
    Should that require them to fire 3 inch long rubber bullets, flash-bang grenades, and tear gas cannisters at protesters resulting in death and injury, then so be it.
    They are the instruments of fascism.

    >As it turns out the revolution will be Televised and Twitted, Facebooked, Zoomed and YouTubed.

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