And how was YOUR weekend?

I stayed in and watched the marathon of “Cops Gone Wild”:

2 thoughts on “And how was YOUR weekend?

  1. The culture of Medieval Europe (300AD-1500AD) was patterned after the 4th millennium B.C., Mesopotamian-Egyptian culture.

    The personal qualities of the leader (ruler),
    the dominant political ideology,
    and the effectiveness of the administrative, legal and financial institutions has been the criteria used to judge “good” leadership from 4000BC until today.

    Trump is such a “bad” leader that there has never been a period of time over the past 6000 years, including in the Dark Ages (476AD-1000AD), that Trump would have been considered to be a successful leader.

    We should never forget that were it not for two violent protests, the Boston Tea Party where property (tea) was destroyed and the Boston Massacre where people were shot dead—the first a Black man named Crispus Attucks—we might still be an English colony.

  2. They rioted down in Oakland, but that’s not news. They riot there for anything or nothing at all. What got my attention and made me laugh a little is that they also rioted in Emeryville.
    The Emeryville cops are… special. They want badly to be a big city police force like the neighboring OPD but just aren’t. They used to jack me up at work with their guns drawn when I had to sometimes work in the warehouse late at night, because it was “a high crime area”, read that there’s so little for a cop to do at night in Emeryville that they will come check out a situation they had already checked out multiple times *with their guns drawn* because they are cops, damn it, and they are gonna do cop things.
    Well, they got a riot this weekend. They were most likely thrilled.

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