3 thoughts on “Gee

  1. Two black men have been found hanging from trees in California, one in Victorville and one in Palmdale, in the past two weeks.
    More Boogaloo Bois handiwork no doubt?

    The military connection to right wing hate groups goes back 100 years.
    Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota is a hotbed of this activity.

    We had the connection between Air Force vet John Carr, his brother Michael Carr, the Son of Sam, Samuel Carr (father), David Berkowitz, The Children, The Process Church of the Final Judgement, the Manson Family and dozens and dozens of murders in the 60’s and 70’s.

    The goal of all these right wing hate groups is to murder their way to a Fascist utopia.

  2. He should have known better than to try that shit in Oakland, but as he’s trying to recycle Charlie Manson tactics, he’s probably not that bright.

  3. The Fascists roll in for a little mayhem under cover of a peaceful protest march. The cops respond to right-wing mayhem by turning chemical weapons on the legal protestors [unable to distinguish between marchers with signs and boogaloo bois with bricks].

    In his infinite wisdom, the Donald blames anti-fascists rather than the actual fascists, although the FBI and Homeland have been warning about right-wing terror groups for several years.

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