One thought on “Bingo.

  1. Russia is run by a bunch of corrupt, criminal oligarchs led by the Godfather Putin.

    That problem must be solved by the Russian people themselves without outside interference.

    Is it possible that the US has secret action plans designed to kill foreign military personnel?

    The assassination of Iranian Brigadier General Hamid Taqui may have been one of those plans.
    If the GRU is guilty of committing war crimes for soliciting the deaths of American combat troops in Afghanistan (America’s longest war), then isn’t Trump guilty of committing a war crime for ordering the assassination of General Taqui?

    Mexico is in the immediate neighborhood of the US.
    Afghanistan is in the immediate neighborhood of Russia.

    If Russia controlled a pro-Russian puppet government in Mexico, what are the chances that the CIA would be paying Mexican nationals (Christian terrorists) to kill Russian troops stationed there?

    Neo-liberal warmongers (the Bush’s, Clinton, Obama) are very adept at starting wars that never seem to end.

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