One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. The City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia are a national disgrace.

    Georgia is an open carry state.
    So just like in the Deadwood days of old, the good people of Georgia can strap on a pistol and carry around an AK-47 at will.
    Good things to do during a pandemic when you’re paranoid.

    The Mayor of Atlanta, Democrat Keisha Bottoms, lost control of her police department and her city awhile back by constantly flip flopping on the issues.
    It didn’t help that the Atlanta police refused to do their jobs.
    Unfortunately in the middle of all of the turmoil, Mayor Bottoms announced that she tested positive for the coronavirus and was self-quarantining for 14 days which effectively sidelined her as the mayor. Let’s all pray that she isn’t too ill.

    Sensing political weakness, Republican Governor Brian Kemp, a Trumpite, took the opportunity to issue an emergency order placing the City of Atlanta under marshall law and sending in 1000 heavily armed National Guard troops to patrol the streets.
    This is what law and order Republicanism looks like.

    Layered on top of all of this chaos was Georgia’s recent primary election debacle with its obvious voter suppression and absolute pandemonium.

    The elected politicians in the State of Georgia have a lot to answer for in November.
    Including why the racist, good old boy power structure remains in place and intact 150 years after the Civil War ended?

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