One thought on “So much winning

  1. Alaska and Vermont are interesting case studies when it comes to the coronavirus.

    Both of these states are in the running for having the fewest number of cases and deaths caused by the coronavirus. (Current numbers: Alaska 1162 cases and 16 deaths; Vermont 1251 cases and 56 deaths.)

    There are 1.3 people per square mile in Alaska, so social distancing is a way of life and wearing a mask is unnecessary. Except when you go into town (pop. 27) twice a year.

    Vermont has a single-payer health care system so only 3% of Vermonters have no medical coverage (mostly Trump supporters).

    Alaska tells us that living in the wilderness is a great way to stay coronavirus negative.
    More Trump supporters should make the move.

    Vermont tells us that relatively healthy people are less likely to become sick and that Medicare For All would go a long way toward keeping ‘all’ Americans healthier.

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