One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Because Trump is on the verge of being defeated in a “tsunami” on November 3, the dark forces in his administration are going for broke.

    Mike Pompeo has:
    1. Given Israel the green-light to destabilize Iran.
    Over the past three weeks Iran has experienced a series of unexplainable explosions throughout the country.
    One of the latest explosions appears to have been a rocket attack of “unknown” origin.

    2. Begun applying inordinate pressure on China over its Uyghur problem.
    Not because Pompeo gives a good goddamn about the Uyghur’s as human beings but, because they’re Muslims and Trump is trying to sell a inhuman Israeli peace plan to the Arab states.

    3. Given Israel the greenlight to annex 90% of the occupied West Bank.

    4. Turned the economic screws on Venezuela in the middle of a pandemic precipitating the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people.

    Stephen Miller has:
    1. Cooked up a scheme to deprive left-leaning colleges and universities in Blue States of foreign students and the millions of dollars that they pay in tuition and other services on and around the campuses.

    2. Taken an even harder line on immigrants trying to enter the US especially those coming from the south.

    These two are very bad hombres.

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