One thought on “We were right

  1. There is no such thing as Antifa the group.
    Antifa has no hierarchy and no leadership cadre.
    Antifa is an idea best summed up by Woody Guthrie’s “This machine kills Fascists.”

    Antifa is a network of like-minded, peaceful and imperfect individuals who actively fight against Fascism; the most radical form of “Big government.”

    The hardcore, right wing, Nazi Boogaloo Bois and those of their ilk (Bannon, Miller, Gorka) claim to to against a “Big government takeover, when in reality these “useful idiots” fight on the side of “Big government” and Fascism.

    The Nazi Bois are hoping to force Trump and Barr to send heavily armed “federal agents” into Democratically controlled cities like Portland, by setting buildings on fire, smashing windows, and attacking peaceful protestors.
    Clearly that’s what “umbrella man” was up to.
    Think Brownshirts in Germany and Blackshirts in Italy.

    Occupying Democratically controlled cities with para-military troops connected to the Homeland Security Department is how the Republicans define “law and order” in 2020 America.

    Fascist bastards.

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