2 dead in Kenosha

And apparently it just… happened! There was a result! They were all out after the curfew, it wasn’t that a 17-year-old white militia members has an assault weapon and murdered two people in cold blood. Who can say? “Persons were shot.” Yes, they were. By a white punk with an assault weapon.

3 thoughts on “2 dead in Kenosha

  1. Both the police chief of Kenosha, Wisconsin, John W. Morrissey, and the sheriff of Kenosha County, David Beth, are too incompetent and stupid to remain in their jobs.
    They both deserve to be fired immediately.

    There is something very, very wrong with the leadership in the 18,000 police departments across the country.

    Police officers gunning down or strangling citizens in the streets for seemingly minor infractions is a reflection of how the cops are being lead in the US.
    Garbage in, garbage out.

  2. Charlie Pierce’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment is most appropriate. Police culture in the USA is sick, sick, sick and totally out of control, and a leading indicator of incipient fascism and civil war. Great example of how people who are perceived as decent, upstanding citizens in their personal live can be transformed into monsters when submerged in an unforgiving, authoritarian social stew. Lots of social psych and sociological research on this going back many, many decades.

    Biden’s response to all this is to give police departments more money for “training.” This has been attempted repeatedly and the rot has gotten worse and worse. Problem goes much much deeper than inadequate training. Dem platform response is a joke, but consistent with the Obama/Clinton/Rahm neo-liberal appeal to suburban middle class and abandonment of working class and poor.

    People murdered for failure to “obey a lawful order,’ i.e. whatever anyone with a badge orders you to do. Keep moving and get on the cattle cars.

  3. So let me get this straight: Fergus lends a huge platform to a white prick (and his wife) who pointed his AR-15 at protesters, then a 17 year old brainwashed moron was driven by his mom to a neighboring state to murder two protesters with an AR-15.
    Perhaps AR-15s are not safe to own under such leadership as is on offer from Fergus.

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